I'm SiSiSi,
Silvana Sina Simon

An optimist and a dreamer that feels most alive by the ocean.

Since I was little I was always the happiest in the ocean. Once vacations at the beach were over, I was waiting for the next chance.

So with 22 I took the decision to leave my hometown for good. I quit my job, left my appartement and sold the little material property I had back in Switzerland.

I booked a oneway ticket to Thailand with an open spirit and went on my journey to find a new home.

On this journey I soon realised that home isn’t a destination but a feeling which I’ve felt over and over again on this big adventure.

Arriving in Latin America, Mexico I felt at the right place to settle for a while. So I fullfilled one of my biggest dreams to become a divemaster and work in the ocean. The caribbean sea and the Cenotes of Riviera maya were a better ofice I could have ever imagined. Aside I also got to learn a new language «Spanish», which I always wanted and I learned to move my body to latin music. Dancing has soon become my second biggest passion, which Mexico is an amazing dancefloor for.

Soon I realised I wanna start working online to be more flexible and expand my freedom based reality. So I started a design studio : www.sisisidesign.com.

Today my days contain all I live for, from getting paid to be creative,  dancing every single day to spending most of my freetime by the ocean.

you are ready for a new big adventure? to travel the world or start your own BIZ? 

Let me give you some advises! 

– no worries all for free 😉