Bali - a place to escape

Bali, the most famous Island in Indonesia. – The perfect place to escape.

Many people come here to relax, forget all the duties back home and enjoy a simple life which is still full of luxury.

Also for us travelers it’s a perfect place to just settle down and get a feeling of home back.


Why? What makes Bali special for it? the good food? sunny days? the beach?  lovely people?  little costs? the marvelous nature?… All this and a lot more!

But what I think makes Bali different to other Asian places is the perfect mix. The mix of a local and touristy lifestyle and the mix of exciting adventures and a relaxed routine.


While Bali offers a lot of western atmosphere’s with for example food or the facilities, there’s still the option to experience the local culture.


For just little costs you can live the royal tropical lifestyle.

You get a private room in a villa or a homestay for just $10 a day what gives you a feeling of freedom and flexibility. Specially after traveling for a while, from hostel to hostel, without privacy and a small space you enjoy the luxury to be for your own and don’t life out of a backpack for a while.

For only $3 a day you can rent a scooter – the most easy and well-liked way to move around in Bali.

And now to my favorite part: “FOOD”. For $1-2 you can eat delicious local food what mostly includes rice, vegetables, meat or seafood and lot of different spices. (curry, capcay, ginger, lemongrass, & a lot more) Besides the yummi local food Bali is crowded with good western restaurants, where you can enjoy meals for $3-7 J


The Island also has the perfect size to explore, you can reach different places in such a short ride time what makes it even more interesting and cheap as well to travel around.


While you can enjoy all kind of trips around the Island it is also nice to get a routine. For most of the people here this routine starts with a vital and delicious breakfast, followed by a surf out in the ocean or a yoga lesson. Then after Lunch the day goes on with relaxing at the beach or the pool, doing some business or just explore the area. Mostly the day’s end up with a magical sunset at the beach. Yes, that’s how my days are mostly passing by J


But it is also this positive & powerful energy on this island what makes people fall in love with.

Strangers are smiling all day and share their happiness without knowing each other. There is no difference between locals and tourists expect the language. Everyone acts with respect, gratitude and love. The same counts for animals. I never experienced someone reacting disrespecting towards them.  Everyone takes care of each other.


Another powerful source is the healthy and vital food. There doesn’t exist a lot of fast food on this island. Most of the restaurants serve fresh, colorful and vibrant meals. Beside you get those fresh tropical and sweet fruits, which provides you with energy and care for a good feeling for your body and soul.


Last but not least there is this amazing varied and alive nature. There’s nothing missed on this Island. You have vibrant wavy beaches for surfers or beautiful white sand beaches to relax. There are dive spots with a stunning wonder of an underwater world and countless colors from flowers, trees, birds and butterflies. You can get lost in endless rice terraces, climb up to volcanos and enjoy spectacular views or find peaceful lakes lost up in the mountains.


Those and lot more wonders of this island make every single day easy to get out of bed in the mornings and experience another wonderful day in paradise full of surprises.