Bali's neighbour Nusa Penida

An island full of breathtakingly beautiful and empty places. I don’t think this place will stay that untouched for a long time.

So, take the chance to explore this island as long as it is still that untouched and you have the chance to experience the local life of Indonesia.


It takes just 30 minutes with a speed boat from Bali, Sanur to Nusa Penida but feels like you take step into another country.


There are almost no tourists, I guess that’s also the reason for all the happy and overfriendly greetings from the locals. I never felt that welcomed on a place as on this island. As soon as you stop on the streets, locals approach you and offers there help.


Just one single made street is crossing the Island, as soon as you try to reach the cliffs or beaches, you have to cross small pumpy streets. So be aware of muscle soreness the next day. But I promise you they are worth it!


Every place we’ve visited on this Island was stunning! Mostly we were just speechless for the first moment and observed the beauty of mother’s nature in silence.


We arrived in the afternoon on our first day and immediately started our trip with a scooter, when we went to the first beach: crystal bay. The way to the beach was already an adventure, belly workout on the scooters – surrounded by hundreds of palm trees. The different to bali was, that we were almost the only ones on the street.

Arrived at the beach, we enjoyed a refreshment in such a clear ocean with lots of corals. We shared the beach with about 5 more tourists. – EMPTY!


We continued our day with the mission to find a nice sunset point.

While we drove aimless through some more side streets and it already got darker, we finally saw the horizon of the cliffs in front of us. As further and closer to the cliffs we came, the more amazing was the view! With perfect timing, we arrived at this gorgeous place before the sun set down. After focusing on a wonderful sunset, we just realized that the view behind was even more beautiful!


The next day our alarm rang early in the morning and I suddenly woke up with a huge smile on my face. I was so excited to finally realize a dream of me – to swim with mantas!


At 7:30am we arrived at crystal bay where we went out with some locals for just $12. We were the only ones and they directly brought us to the manta point. I couldn’t wait to jump into the water.  I was so enthusiastic when I saw the first Manta passing by. What a wonderful and peaceful creature! Read more about it on my mermaid page J


After that amazing morning swim we relaxed for a bit on the beach before we explored some more places.


All the time when we thought it can’t get any better – it does. We arrived by Angels bay and broken beach in the afternoon. What a wonder of nature! The view down to this natural bridge with a whole, where all the waved got broken in, was spectacular. Even better got the trip when we arrived at Angels Billabong just a 5 minute’s walk away. Rooks formed a huge infinity pool with a view out of the ocean! – Incredible! One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. And the same here- we didn’t had to share that pool with any other tourists! What a Dream!