by comfort zone & hello freedom


Those are the words a good friend of mine told me a short time ago

What’s the system? It’s a schema full of rules, that the government want us to live in, to keep it simple.

A life far away from freedom.

We already get into it by growing up.

At school, they tell us how important it is having a good job to be able to finance a family and a house.

Besides that, all the television shows tell us how important money is to buy all the stuff we actually don´t need to be happy.

So as we automatically follow that path, we soon start to focus on how to make good money.

Money, the one thing we believe is solving all the problems and gets us to wherever we want too.

We work and work and work..till that one day when we’re gone have enough and we will be able to achieve our goals.


But the truth is that it isn’t money which makes us happy. It’s happiness which naturally brings the money towards us. !


So as most of us aren’t happy in the work we do, complaining about the daily routine which isn’t worth it to wake up in the morning

– we get sick of it.

We think it’s normal to get diseases with ages. But it isn’t.

As we believe it, we attract it and at the end we spend the money for medicine. 

In doing so, we support the economic system of the environment and keep the money active in the right circle.


So take the courage! Go out of your comfort zone and start living the Life, how were› supposed to.!


I’m sure at this point the first questions marks in your mind appear..

Fears and doubts like: How do I start? Do I have enough money by side? What about my future? Will I find a job?

Does it affect my future Career or Medical care system?

Most of these thought, are related to the future.. the one thing which always stops us from taking action.

But the only moment you have to care about is NOW.

If you once understand that the present state of mind/happiness is the only thing which influences your future, 

you realize that everything works out for you in a natural way.

When you are enjoying your life to the fullest, you will attract the opportunities which fit to you automatically.

Of course it can be scary to leave something behind without even knowing what will follow.

But I promise from my own experience, as long as you are happy in what you are doing, new doors will open by itself.


When you once left the ordinary you will never go back to the system.

The feeling of independence and freedom makes you feel more alive than every material thing ever could.

You will start focusing on the small things in life which really matters.

Life is about moments, the memories, which we will take with us one day.

As we enter earth with nothing we will also leave it with nothing.

So you can have the biggest house, fastest car and nicest clothes, but you will have to leave it all back one day and be satisfied with the memories and experiences you made in your life.

as catchy that sounds, but you will only regret the chances you didn’t took.

You can’t fail – only learn and grow from experiences.

I left the system since a little more than a year now. A lot of people inspired me with their stories back then.

I hope I can motivate you too, to make changes if you aren’t doing what you love right now.

For any tips or questions feel free to text me through the page contact , social media or personally if you’re around.