Carribean Side of Mexico

I didn’t even know about the existence of that small country till I got to central America. What a shame. Belize is such a beautiful destination, especially for lovers of the ocean and the Marine life!



Belize is totally different to the other countries on in central America. The language there is Kriol, form e it sounds like a tropical slang of English. Also the music is different. Lot of reggae and dancehall. And you can pay everything with US $ or Belize dollar. 

The prices in Belize are about the double from Mexico. It’s one oft the more expensive countries in central America. Specially Diving is expensive.


Dorm rooms are between 10-15 US$ and food between 5 and 20 $ for a meal.


A lot of people told me I should try to avoid Belize city, as it is dangerous there. But as we missed our ferry to the Island, we had to stay in Belize City for the Night. Already in the bus, the locals told us, that even they don’t when it gets dark cause of the high crime rate. So we just stayed in and catched the early ferry in the next morning, what I apprechiated. I wouldn’t suggest to stay in Belize City.


So finally arrived in Caye Caulker, the tropical Island Lifestyle started. The way there by ferry is already marvelous, crossing all the reefs and the turkeys colored ocean. In Caye Caulker you really experience the real Island Life, as they don’t have any transportation expect golfcars and bycicles.  I didn’t used any of them, as you can cross the whole Island in just 1 hour. When your walking on one beachside, you can literally see to the becah on the other side of the Island. Also the time goes much slower. I took me a while to get used to it, as I heard the words go slow many times, when I walked to fast.. so they make sure you get relaxed on this Island 😉 It is called the Backpacker’s Party Island, but beside lot of Punch Rum, there exist only 2 bars/clubs. But I’ve been there at low Season, so maybe there’s usually more going on.


I really enjoyed to experience the Island in the Off-season as we enjoyed all beaches for ourselves. Even the great barrier reef was empty for snorkel trips, what would be crowded during the season, how I got told.


For me the most beautiful part of belize was definitely the marine life! My Highlight was the Hol Chan Marine Reserve out in the Ocean. It is completely open and protected.  There you get the chance to swim with a lot of nurse sharks and sting rays. But in general the snorkeling and diving is amazing! Colorful and alive! A popular reef to dive is the Blue whole, where you get to see the big fishes. Unfortunately 3 tanks out to the blue whole cost 300$ + . So I skipped that one. Another wonder to see are the rare manatees. Such a peaceful and interesting creature.


The Food is good too, specially lobster is really famous to eat there, and you get it for really cheap. Otherwise there’s a lot of different seafood and also the typical Chicken, Rice & Beans food, to save some money 😉 Definitly a must try is the Coconut tart, they sell on their bycicles around the Island. One of the best deserts I’ve ever tried