Dependency versus Desire

The big difference between I want & I need

I was lucky to learn early that it isn’t materialism that makes us happy, even growing up in a really material part of the world. A place where most people try to show off with their possessions to others. “I have the newest phone, I wear the most expensive clothes, I drive the fastest car & so on”.

It is nothing bad to have a wanting for material things and to find joy in it. But the change from wanting things into needing things, makes the big difference what brings the opposite of happiness into our life. When we forget about the real reasons to be happy. When we feel not enough without what is outside our inner being.

Everything you attract out of the situation and a feeling of being worthy and enough with you and only yourself, is what brings more joy into your life. From any other situation like dependency of something, you attract things out of a lack, what isn’t going to satisfy for long term.

Let me make the sample of a beautiful modern apartment or even house.

I don’t feel bad for the people who grow up in simple little houses dreaming big for more. I feel bad for the persons who grow up with already everything they could wish, getting used to the highest standards, so they can’t be happy without it anymore.

So many people tell me, “wow: how can you live like that? That simple. I couldn’t be without a big kitchen, two bathrooms and an own washing machine.” No, they NEED all of those unnecessary high standards to feel enough, to be happy.

Yes, also I wish to have my own washing machine and a big beautiful place, and I will appreciate it as soon as I will live there. But also I am already grateful and happy where I am and with what I have – with low standards.


Cause the reasons I am happy for, are not the room I sleep in, it’s the nature and playground I spend my days at. It’s not the Phone I am using, It’s the person I talk with. It’s not a modern kitchen with new devices, It’s the food I get to enjoy. It’s not the car which brings me comfortable to a place, it’s the destination I end up at.

The experiences are what matter, what make us grow, what make us feel alive and happy. Everything else is just an instrument or support for the result.

 The same counts for money, it is nothing else then an instrument for experiences which make us happy. It’s not the coins, paper and number itself, it’s what we use it as an exchange for!

So also here, If you look for money out of a needy feeling, you are in a vibration of a LACK of money and it won’t come to you, as your vibration is the magnet for lack and not the abundance. So be grateful for what you already have and think about the beautiful experiences and things you want to use the money for to bring you joy and happiness in the future. That’s how you will attract it into your life.

 The last but important part I want to mention, where it works the same are relations. The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. You have to love yourself first to get into a great relationship. If you don’t feel complete alone & you are not happy with yourself – you feel in need of another person in which you are looking for more attention.

But you won’t find in others what you can’t within yourself first. If you are alone, seeking someone else to make you happy, you are as well in a vibration of a lack. As so on you will attract the persons which matches to the same vibration that you have. But a great beginning of a relationship, is a match of two persons, which are already happy before and get to share and expand those positive feeling even more together. Not only regarding a partner, but also close friends and relations in your business. Be grateful for the people who supported you for who you are today. Not only person who always agreed and helped you, also the persons who made you grow in difficult situations.

So don’t take me wrong,  SET HIGH GOALS, DREAM BIG and plan for things which bring more joy and freedom! But not because you need it, just because you CAN!