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Make 2020 the year you can say:
I finally did it!

Lets find out your superpower and make a plan!

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I'm Sina

I put happiness first before security

I am a swiss girl that traveled the world full time by myself for more then 3 years and make it a home wherever I go. 

To me freedom is the highest good of all. The sense of freedom is pure happiness to me and all I’m passionate about.

On my path I discovered lots of ways to make money on the road, if locally or online and I figured out that there is much more potential out there that I could have ever imagined!

So my desire is it to give you all the experience I gained on my journey to find the perfect path for me and help you finding your perfect path to an independent, free and happy life that you dream of!


How I support you on this path!

I am so freaking passionate about helping others to become free that I give you all the support for free.

Whichever direction you decide to go, 

You will get a PRE-Decision help call, where I answer you ANY questions about the course that you’re interessted in

+ give you a little sneak peek into the back-end 🙂 so you know what to expect.

Once you took the first step and signed up for a course,

I will offer you 1 MONTH of 1:1 message support.

So whenever oyu are on a journey and you have questions, or need inspiration and inputs if its for your business name, how to market it, how to tell friends ect..

I am here for you! I freaking got you!

Before you get scrolling trough the option and awake your excitement, Subscribe to the Clarity Webinar first to get clear on which direction would be best for you!

Pick your favourite way of work & freedom

Learn And Earn While On The Go

The company founder and CEO, Christopher Terry, has helped thousands of traveling entrepreneurs, celebrities and social media influencers learn how to create wealth any time of day. He credits a large part of his success to his network growing as a result of frequent traveling. The IM mastery academy currently conducts business in over 100 countries worldwide.

The IM academy helps you to build financial freedom inside s supportive community.

With now experience you get the chance to earn money in 3 different amazing ways. 

No RISK, lot of Potential

Network marketing is a great way to work online, independent and fexible without any risk.

Worldwide companies offer you to share their products, IF you love them and get rewarded for it 🙂

Aside from the beautiful work to share what your passionate about you get to become part of beautiful community and connect with like minded people!

you get not only paid for the product and services you promote, but also get to share the possibility to work online and inspire others to work remotly! 

Here’s the Network marketing Company called «Babes in Business» , I am super happy in!

Be your own boss

Those amazing women and Founders of the Bucketlist Bumbshell offer you 2 directions to go. 

Either the creative path of becoming a designer or the more technical and administrative path of becoming a web designer and Virtual assistant!

They teach you all you need to know from Level 0- Level Pro to start your online business today and become your own boss!

Travel and shop for free

Become an influencer and social media manager.

In the influencer Lab, Laura teaches you all you need to know to grow an engaging following on instagram. (cause its not about the number, but about the engagement!)
You learn how to collaborate with restaurants, hotels and places to travel for free and become a master of Social Media Management to work online!

Share your own unique gift!

Share whatever your super power is to make an impact online or in person.

Go trough a self- developement journey and learn how to impact the life of others with all the  mindset, strategies and tools you need.

Learn from the one and only Tony Robbins and Dean Ragrozzi how to build an impactful business that brings you income.

Work in person and not from screen

If you say, the online world isn’t mine, I just wanna work doin something I love on a new place or to travel for free.

Well there are endless options. Basically whatever you enjoy, get educated, online or in person and then work on it.

Wanna get a yoga teacher? English teacher ? Scuba Divemaster/ Dive instructor? Wanna get filmmaker for places? Or photographer for beach weddings? Wanna work in hostels or bars to connect with people? Create or import a product? Let your mind go wander! think of all the activities you enjoy . For this I help you with following tool.


You decide your own paze, you dont need to quite your job rightaway and rush it .
Take the time you need, start aside and when you feel good about what you do and grow, then give it all of your attention 🙂

Let's get in touch and discuss your options!