Highlights of Nicaragua

Nicaragua gets more and more touristic in central America but is still not that discovered, what makes it one of the cheapest countries to travel through in Central America.


The Country offers such a huge option on activities.

Surfing on the pacific side, beach days and diving in the Caribbean Islands, hiking on active volcanos and mountains, visiting a coffee or cacao plantation and exploring colorful and charming cities. The Lifestyle in Nicaragua is pretty cheap, accommodation cost between 5-10 $ and food is to find for 1-3 $.

Also Public Transport with the Chicken buses is super cheap for just 1-2 $. Beside the cheap prize I enjoyed the experience to travel the same way as the locals do. There’s always music played in the chicken buses, and you get to taste local food as well. All the time people are selling stuff during the drive. Mostly pastries, fruits and drinks. For me absolutely the best way to get from A to B in central America.


The capital city Managua isn’t worth it to visit and also more dangerous as other parts. So, my trip in Nicaragua started in Leon, up in the north of the pacific side. A beautiful little city, which is surrounded by a lot of volcanos and also located close to the beach. One of the highlights in Leon was to climb up the active Telica Volcano for Sunset and observing the glowing lava. Another famous adventure is sandboarding the Cerro Negro Volcano. (The only place in the world, where it exists) It would be a shame to miss the breath-taking view from the top of the *our lady of grace * Cathedral, for only 2 $. It is a huge white terrace of a church, where you see down to the city and the nature nearby.


Leon offers a lot and really good street food as well. It is definitly worth it to try some food at a comedor– a small family owned restaurant, where you get to taste local food. Super tasty and super cheap J


Just 30 minutes from Leon by public transport you can reach the beach Las Penitas. The beach has dark sand and is wavy but still beautiful. In the season, you even get to see the turtle releases.


Another beautiful city in Nicaragua is Granada. Unfortunately, I’ve visited Granada only for one day. But the city is popular for the colorful streets. Every house has a different color. Also there you have the chance to go up on a church for 1 $, to enjoy a view above the whole city.

Nearby, around 30 minutes by walk is the lake Nicaragua. A nice area to relax and explore or go kayaking.


San Juan and Popoyo are the most known places to surf in Nicaragua. Along those areas are a lot of nice beaches to surf, for beginners as for advanced surfers.


And then there are the Islands. There is one called Ometepe, which is an Island formed by two Volcanos „Volcano Concepcion and Maderas”. The Island is situated in the fresh water lake Nicaragua. The nature there is marvelous! I’ve rarely experiences such a variegated vegetation. The top attraction there is it to hike the volcanos. Concepcion is the higher and a bit harder one, which offers you such a beautiful view on top, above the whole Island.


Also there are a lot of fresh water activities to do, like visiting lagoon “Ojo de agua” the waterfalls or kayaking trough mangroves along the Island.


If you are addicted to chocolate as I am, you should not miss the chocolate Paradis called “el pital”. They produce their own organic chocolate with Nicaraguan chocolate beans, and only natural added ingredients. An amazing taste and a nice atmosphere next to the beach.


And then there’s the other Island out in the Caribic ocean.

The main Island is called Corn Island and her sister Island Little Corn Island.

The way to the Island is already an adventure too, as you get to fly in a small airplane with 8 seats. I was sitting right behind the pilot and enjoyed an amazing view down above the landscapes of Nicaragua.


Little corn island is the more relaxed Island, super small and without any transportation beside bicycles. Beaches are crystal clear, exactly how you wish them to be in the Caribbean. Also the Marine life is wonderful and super alive. In just one dive we got to see Turtles, Nurse sharks, Octopus, Crabs, Squids, rays and a lot of beautiful little fishes and corals.


My favorite Beach and place to be at the Island is “Otto Beach”.  The water – crystal clear – as I’ve just rarely seen it before. Definitely a place which deserves the name P A R A D I S E!


Who’s into fresh seafood appreciates the meals there too. A Highlight at my trip was to buy a fresh Barracuda from local kids at the port. Me and my friend were craving fish that evening, but as it was Sunday, most good restaurants were closed. So I asked our housekeeper at the hostel, if there is any chance to still get some fresh fish. She tol me I can try my luck at the port and see if the kids have a nice catch, which they can sell.  So totally optimistic I went to the beach and asked the kids if they already catch something. Unfortunately, no. But they told me they wait for the big Barracudas and would bring it home to my hostel, if they catch one. I got a bit sceptic, when I heard they wane fish Barracudas right by the beach with a piece of threat and a hook. Anyway, I went back and we waited for almost an hour, till we got to hungry and decided to dinner at a restaurant. As soon as we sit down and got the menu, we heard screaming screeching kids running down the street, proud holding a huge fish up to the air. I immediately stand up with the though that’s my dinner! What a surprise they really catch a huge barracuda. What a win – win situation. We enjoyed a delicious fresh fish for dinner and the kids got some cash for new toys!