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How an Idea becomes a Business

find your passion and make money out of it, a life goal everyone should follow…

As I have a lot of passions I started to mind mapping things I love.

There’s traveling, fashion, being creative and pretty everything in connection with the ocean – as I would love to be a mermaid. Suddenly on my trip there appeared the idea of creating my own mermaid bikini line once I have an Idea, I start turning it into a plan.

So here I am, producing my bikini right now in Bali.

I work with people who make every appointment exciting on a place called paradise which feels like home.

Work is definitly the wrong word in this case, let’s call it create, realize, live, Do what makes me happy.

My business journey began with a big portion of desire & motivation but less knowledge & experience in this industry.

I literally started with the most fun part – drawing some bikini designs. But soon I started to realize that factories expect pattern information and a lot of details I didn’t have. So I decided to visit some local factories personally instead of contacting them online, what made the communication much easier. While driving up and down some streets around bali by scooter I just asked around for factories in several stores – with success. 

With my inner instinct, I’ve chose the right production place pretty fast.

After seeing some samples, I organized the fabric and all the accessories by myself to simplify the start of the production. At this point I must mention that it took a while, till I got the final sample, but each appointment was exciting. The feeling of seeing the process how your own creations grow and improve every time is such satisfying and pleasing.

The range of colors in the fabric store was huge and made my decision even more difficult but finally I picked 3 colors for the beginning. There’s the basic color: Khaki, a mermaid color: shinny mint and another fashion color 2017: jungle green/blue.

I hope you will love the collection as much as I do!

But besides the fun parts, there is also a lot of work that needs to be done. As I started to think more and more about the process after  it’s produced, I understood how many more steps I need to take. From the marketing, the financial aspects and the selling to the distribution. To make sure anything is going to work out if it’s finally produced, I resolved to produce something simple beside the bikini’s, which doesn’t cost me a lot of time and investment to check the whole process.

So in just one week, I designed and launched my mermaid bags. That helped me to get a feeling how everything works from the promoting to the selling.

I launched my online shop, visited a few marketing workshops and organized a warehouse with a distribution option. Also, I used youtube videos and online blogs to educate myself about concepts how to build a business. All of this is such an exciting and motivating challenge, what gives me kind of a purpose during my travels.

This should inspire you to follow your dreams and take the courage to do what you love! Cause that’s the real key to success.

Here are the first 5 step’s on how to start your own business:


  1.  Find something you love and put all your passion and focus towards it.
  2. Already feel your success. If you don’t believe in it – how should others?
  3. Use Youtube Video’s to get inspiration on how to start./ Learn from people who did it before and profit from their experience.
  4. Choose a budget and make an investment plan.
  5. Get started and enjoy your journey!

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