Island hopping in Fiji

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Fiji is a group of over 300 Islands in the south pacific. A Paradise for Surfers, Divers, Beachlovers and Explorers.

Everywhere in Fiji they always welcome you with a welcome song in their language and a big “BULA” what means “Hallo”. Even on the airport at 4 o Clock in the morning they played the song for us. The Locals are such happy and friendly people who make sure you’ll leave Fiji with good memories.

Fiji has some amazing reef breaks for surfers, unfortunately I’m not that experienced and couldn’t profit from those big & beautiful waves. But even for beginner levels they have some good surf spots by crystal clear beaches what makes surfing so much fun!

Also, the Nature in Fiji is amazing, all the Islands are really green and offer great possibilities to do hikes. Taveuni Island is popular for it’s nature wonders, and lovely to explore. Also, huge waterfalls are to find there. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time for that.

But what the Fiji’s are most famous for are gorgeous beaches and an incredible underwater world. My expectations got completely fulfilled.

All the beaches had crystal clear water with a perfect temperature. 80% of the time there I spend in the water.

Beside plashing in the water, I had some of my best dive experiences in the Fiji’s. The Coral Reefs and Marine life there is colorful and alive. Even snorkeling at the house reefs is marvelous, when you’re still able to stand in the water, lots of different fishes are already surrounding you. At Balavu Island (Mantaray Resort) I had my first Cave dive, and the chance to snorkel with Manta Rays. The Manta ray season starts in May, so we were Lucky to see some of them – what a royal and peaceful creature!

Little bit more south at Kuata Isand (Barfoot Kuata Resort) they offer Sharkdives all year long. Of course, I used that possibility. Down to 22 meters, you sit on the bottom behind a small coral wall, where you observe about 15 Bull sharks getting their breakfast served.  This dive was my best and most exciting dive ever! Beside some scary moments, when they swim directly towards you to catch a fish, they move very peaceful and mostly in a circle. A MUST DO if you visit the Yasawa Islands. Later on I had a nightdive where we saw some reefsharks, morays, snails, crabs, rays and a lot more.

At the same island, they also offer trips to a reef which is popular to snorkel with sharks. As they are used to the humans they come pretty close to you, what makes it exiting to swim with them. The nice thing about snorkeling/freediving is that you can move much faster and easier without the dive equipment’s, what makes you feel like a friend of those interesting animals. During this week in the fiji’s I saw reams of sharks and got a fan of them. I can just confirm that those animals aren’t dangerous as long as you face them with respect. Remember : a LOT more people die because of coconuts then because of sharks 😉

I traveled the Yasawan Island up and down with a Bula pass . This way you have the option to jump on and off the ferry and visit the Islands you want, for how long you want. That gives you the freedom and flexibility to stay on a place you prefer for longer and pass Islands you’re not that interested in. I would definitely travel this way again. Make sure you add Fiji’s to your bucket list. J