Pura vida en Costa Rica

Pacific Coast vs. Carribean Coast


I traveled by public buses from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, which was super easy and cheap. Within 6 hours I arrived at the Pacific Coast in a small backpacker town called Tamarindo.

My Plan was it to dive at the Caribbean coast, as I heard that dives in the pacific coast are really different but amazing too. There are less colors but bigger fishes in the sea, and my dream was it to see or at least hear whales. – that was the plan.

What surprise, once again, my plane changed J This time because of a hurricane, which passed the whole pacific coast from Costa Rica up to Nicaragua. We spent 2 days without electricity and fresh water in the hostel. Funny for the first 24 hours till you miss to have a shower or warm food.


As soon as the weather got better and the streets where open again, we spent some days surfing in Tamarindo, which was a lot of FUN! For me the perfect waves for beginners as they break slowly J For the last 2 days at the pacific coast, we rent a car, what makes it much easier to reach all the beaches and viewpoints along the coast. Unfortunately, were most national parks still closed because of the damage from the storm, so we visited some public waterfalls and places in the mountain. Another day we spent in Coco Beach and enjoyed the sunset from the restaurant Vista Mar, where you get a view out of an infinity pool down to the ocean. Amazing! All you have to do is to enjoy a drink or snack.


For the second week I went to the Carribean side down to Puerto Viejo, where I planned 3 days and ended up with a whole Week. – so, yes I enjoyed it a lot!


In Puerto Viejo I felt the same happy and relaxed vibes as on the Carribeans Islands.

Time goes slow, Reagge, Dancehall and Latin music got played all over the town next to the beach. People are smiling and dancing, food it tropical and beaches are crystal clear! Beside that, you get to see all the wild animals without paying any entry to parks. There are two National parks close by. Park Cahuita, which also offers amazing snorkeling spots beside the jungle along the beach an Park Manzanillo which is reachable by bicycle and perfect for a daytrip.


Only 6 hours away fom Puerto Viejo are the Party Islands of Panama called Bocas del Torro.

Most people cross the border for a weekend trip – so did I. Read more about Bocas on my blog.


Also incredible are the night atmospheres! The sky get beautiful colored even if the sun goes down on the other side of the coast!


The only point you have to be aware of are the prices in costa rica. The prices are much higher then other parts in Central America. The Country is also called the Switzerland of Central America. But still you have the chance to travel on a budget if you can deal with the simple lifestyle J





3 Days in Bocas del Toro, Panama


Bocas del Toro is the most visited and touristic place in panama and popular for a lot of party nights.

The Highlight of the week is Filthy Friday, as the name already sais- it is every Friday. A never-ending Party, which starts at noon and takes you from Island to Island and from party- to party.

My Timing didn’t allow me to attend, but everyone who did – was festinated about. So definitely try to be there on Friday 😉


Bocas del Torro is surrounded by a view other Islands, which are super easy and cheap to reach. For 1 $ you can jump to the closest Island called Carenero, which offers a beautiful and empty beach.


Another popular beach is called Playa de las Estrella’s, which has the name because of his big amount of starfishes on the beach. Definitely a must see.


But there are lot of other attractions to do then just drink and relax. The Island have great spots to surf, snorkel and dive. Between the Island also is the home of a lt of dolphins all year long J Beside the water activity’s you can also rent bikes and cycle around the Island or visit National Parks to see wild animals.

You see those Island offers a lot of magic and you can’t get bored.

So, it is already worth it to go there for only 3 days, but definitely easy to spend more days as well.