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Welcome to the magical world of the sea of cortez, or how jacques cousteau used to call it the Aquarium of the world. If you are passionate about the ocean, spirituality, connection and freedom, then this retreat will change your life!

Aguahara | Water Therapy

Experience a state of full surrender. A place to let go of control and move your energy to release what isn’t serving you anymore.

Snorkel and Freediving

Snorkel and Freedive in the aquarium of the world, enjoy crystal clear water and interaction with wild animals like sea lions and dolphins. (whatever encounters we’ll have in the wild ocean)

Mindset & Manifestation coaching

Overcome your own limitiations, get clarity on your dream life and reprogram your mind and body for success to manifest your wildest dreams!

Ocean Safari

We’ll activate your creativity, connect with your inner child and rebel to dream big and create action plans to create our own reality!


Get to experience the power of breath and how to use it to energize and relax your body and come back to presence.

Organic Food

Enjoy nourishing fresh made organic food made by our captain every day. Vegan except if we catch fresh fish.


Meditate and enter a space to connect to your inner being rising the energy and consciousness together.

Sailing Trip to the Island Espiritu Santo

A getaway to an Island without Signal overnight, to enjoy the peace of nature, watch a sky full of stars and witness the magic of bioluminescence in the water by night

Sunset Hike

incredible hikes along the coast with views to the ocean to enjoy the sunset from the top and a 360 degree ocean view

Guided Yoga

2-3 guided yoga sessions for sunset and in the morning to start and end the day relaxed and feeling home in our body


When: May 25-29th

Where: La Paz, BCS Mexico

How long: 4 Nights, 5 Days

Excluded: Transport to La Paz

Investment: Starts at 1700$


  • Accommodation/ Bed of choice (price changes)
  • Daily meals
  • Sailing Trip 2 days to Isla Espiritu in a luxurious Catamaran
  • Aguahara Sessions
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Yoga session
  • Tapping
  • Group Hypnosis
  • Ocean Safari (Swim with wild life)

Other Activities:

  • Beach day
  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Underwater videography
  • Sunset Hikes with stunning views
  • Freetime at beach/pool
  • Freediving and Snorkeling

Hi Beautiful

I’m Sina. a Dream Life Mentor with the mission to help women build an independent freedom based lifestyle they are in love with! 

I started consciously creating my reality 6 years ago when I took the scary but exciting decision to leave all behind and start a new chapter of my life called: Ultimate Freedom. 

There has not been a single day I regreted this choice. I’m in love with my life and wish everyone to experience the magic and level of freedom that is out there!

I’m a certified NLP Practicticioner, Hypnotherapist Aguahara Therapist and Life & Success Coach. 

I’m here to help you build your dream life from zero and if you wanna invest in yourself and take the first step to tap into your infinite potential and source of miracles, then this retreat is for you!

are your ready to concer your mind and dive deep into the infinite potential?

a sample


Individual Arrival
12:00 Leaving Marina on Catamaran & Sailing to Isla Espiritu,
16:00 Anchoring and Having Freetime at Isla Partida + Aguahara Sessions
19:30 Sunset & Dinner on the Boat,
20:30 Evening skinny dipping / watching the stars & bioluminicense / relaxing
07:00 Sunrise (who likes)
07:30 Morning Meditation & Visualisation
08:30 2x Aguahara sessions / Freetime
09:30 Breakfast at boat
11:00 Sailing to another bay for Snorkelling and beach time (Underwater shots)
16:00 Sailing back to La Paz
19:00 Dinner at Villa
08:00 Morning Yoga
09:00 Breakfast together
10:00 Freetime at Pool / Journal
11:30 Group Coaching / Dream Vision Mind Mapping
13:00 Lunch Together
14:30 Vison Board Creation
15:30 EFT Tapping to higher Frequency
18:30 Sunset Hike
20:30 Dinner at Villa
06:30 Leaving for La Ventana
07:30 Ocean Safari / Swimming with wild Sea Lions and any Encounters we have, hopefully, Dolphins
15:00 Return to La Paz
16:00 Freetimo to rest
17:00 Group Coaching : Observing and overwritting Limiting Beliefs
18:00 Sunset Yoga + Meditation
20:00 Dinner at Villa
07:30 Morning Yoga & Meditaton
08:30 Breakfast
09:30 Closing Circle / Share Intentions how to integrate the experiences & teachings in your future and day-to-day life

Note: The Ocean & Weather is unpredictable, if in any case the conditions are to rough to go out in the ocean we will have a different adventure planned.

Happy Clients

What made you sign up for the retreat? I’m working on my feminine energy, looking for more likeminded women so this seemed like the best opportunity to do so.

What caught your attention? It was the fact that it was on a Catamaran in the ocean. I love the sea and just to be out there gives me incredible energy. Looked like a ver balanced retreat. Adventure + inner work that is exactly what I like

What was the highlight for you? How my body reacted in ways I was not expecting. How it showed unhealed wounds on its own and how safe it felt to let it all out.
What did you enjoy the most? The ocean expedition and catamaran.
What was unexpected at the retreat? How deep the work and the technics can actually take you.

How did you experienced the Breathwork led by Sina ? It was hard, never done work like this before and to be able to allow the pain and the anger come out in a safe place was liberating.

How did you experience the yoga sessions by Fernanda? Amazing because I tend to have very tense muscles and to allow the body to stretch for longer periods of time was challenging but very releasing.

Were you happy with the alimentation/food? Yes! All healthy and good quality.

How did you feel after the retreat? Released, expanded, connected to myself and others. Confident of my next steps.
What impact did it have on you? Everything aligned perfectly and unexpectedly to start working on closure and leaving the past behind.

Is there something you can bring in to your future life from it? Yes! To allow myself to leave the comfort zone, there’s always amazing magic on the other side, felt nice to share with other women and enjoyed making new friends, improve my active listening and started journaling for the first time in my life.

Anything else you wanna mention?
Sina is a amazing guide, she has very beautiful, authentic energy. Her teachings really made an impact in my life. I came in solo and came back with a sisterhood.
Can’t wait to hop on the next journey

Words by Marite 

Calling out all the mermaids who are ready to create their own freedom!

& manifest endless magic

We can DO, HAVE & BE everything we want if we declare so!