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We are all made by Ourself

Usually satisfied & successful people agree on that more then the onces who aren’t happy with their current life situation.

But If you want to believe it or not, we are made by ourself. Our whole path of life is made by ourself. We are the creator.

As we get guided trough rules to do what everyone does, we don’t even realize that we lose our real path for which we actually came and live for. Every single being comes to earth with a purpose. That purpose doesn’t has to be to change the world. Everyone has their own purpose which is part of the improving world. Most humans search way to far when they get asked that questions and then feel lost. We never get tought how to discover that purpose, to get to know our true self, our inner being and to find out what we are here for. We get thrown into the path which is told us to be the only correct and save one. But if we are brave we can change our direction. The brave beings go with their emotions & follow their own feelings instead of the rules of others and find their true path.

If you ask yourself: “Who would I be & What would I do, IF I could NOT fail ?”

Well as silly that may sound, that’s how simple it is. That answer you find within that question, is what your true self, your soul is asking for.

But there is that natural fear in us constrict, that fear of failure and and not having the security that we get told is necessary to be happy.  But Security doesn’t exist. It’s not more then an illusion. We all will die one day and till that day we are the only one who can control our path. People renounce a free life for security. A security which isn’t guaranteed for no one. The one and only guarantee we have is the presence moment we got. Every single day is a present and we should appreciate it by living it the way we are meant to. The way we came to earth, with a desire inside of us.

The most successful and happy people in life are the BRAVE ones. The one’s who take action. It is on you If you will end up living your dream one day or if you die with a passed life as most of the population does, with unfulfilled desires. But I assure you, that If you don’t even believe in the chance to reach everything that you want – there is no chance to get there. It all starts by believing in the possible more then in the limits, by taking step by step action to reach that goal till it turns to reality. The reality depends on your priorities, your decisions and habits.

You can wake up every day, doing the same and so on remaining the same. OR you can wake up an hour earlier, investing the time mindful in yourself, in your knowledge, in your mental and physical strength – in whatever brings you closer to your goal. (Samples: Eat healthier and exercise to have a healthy body, Invest time in self education to learn a new language or a new program. ) You can take an action more everyday then the rest of the population to be a step ahead.

Be Brave enough to stand out of the crowd!

Follow your inner guide, your heart that knows what is best for you. They can promise you all the insurances and securities, but only you can promise yourself a fulfilled life which you can be proud of. 

A little story inspired me to not wait any longer:

A man finds out he will die the next day and ask Life:

 “Where is my last week? The last week I am supposed to get to do all I’ve ever dreamed of?” Life responds with: “I gave you a lifetime and you didn’t use it..”

Hopefully that inspires you as well to not wait any longer and start chasing your dream!

You wanna live a different Life? Do something different!

You wanna have a better Life? Become someone better!

You are the creator of your own reality.


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