And so she decided to start living the life she imagined.

Design the life you want

You have all the recourses and potential you need to create the life you desire. But you gotta take the decision to go for it.

Manifestation Guide

Download your manifestation guide 2022 to make this the best year yet! Inside the workbook I share my fav, methods with you how to manifest your wildest dreams and attract them with the law of attraction.

I am Sina,

An ocean-inspired manifestor

I left my hometown for good 5 years ago to pursue a lifestyle by the ocean, which I always dreamed of. I wanted to create a freedom-based lifestyle of which I don’t need a vacation from. So I found a way to make a living online that allows me to work from anywhere.

In these 5 years, I manifested wild things for myself. I created a lifestyle I’m obsessed with and started to master the manifestation game. From Business goals to adventures, materials, relations down to encounters in nature.

I believe we are all capable to live our dream life. No matter what recourses we might have at this moment of life.

We all have the power to create a life we are in love with. 

It is my mission to offer you my guidance for you to get clear on your big dreams – but really big, reprogram limiting beliefs and create an action plan and abundant mindset which will help you bring your dreams to reality.

It is time to manifest your wildest dreams

You are craving ...

you can absolutely have it all

You are powerful

Often we don´t think big enough. We are taught to stay in our comfort zone and take decisions based on what feels safe instead of what feels expansive.

I can tell you once I left my comfort zone and start to choose the scary but exciting path, that’s where I found & created all the magic.

It is normal to feel scared. If it wouldn´t be challenging to go after the crazy unrealistic dreams, everyone would be doing it. 

But what if we fully trust in our own power, in our intuition. What if every single desire is planted in our hearts because we are meant to live it.

What if you could alchemize everything you put your mind to.

I trust my future,
because I know
the creator.

Mindset & Manifestation Coaching

1:1 Dream life breakthrough session

You feel lost and don't know what you really want in life, or how to get started in the direction of your dream reality. On a 90-Minute call I help you get clarity on the next steps to take and whatßs been standing in your way. At the end of our call you are going to feel clear, empowered and confident that your dream life is possible.

1:1 Dream Life Mentorship

This is for you if you tried to do this on your own and you are ready to fully commit to the life you desire. We'll find clarity on what it is you truly want and build an action plan to make your dream reality happen. On the path to create your dream lifestyle we'll be removing current blocks and limiting beliefs and reprogramming the subconscious mind so you'll be unstoppable. We work on your 2.0 identity, new habits and new surroundings to achieve your goals.

When you work with me,
we'll be diving into:

Success Stories

«I had a nagging feeling that I needed a change. A feeling which didn’t go away until I was unemployed, almost broke, and living near the beach in Mexico. And that’s when I met Sina. As we began to share stories I was immediately blown away by the grounded enthusiasm, unyielding ambition, and entrepreneurial spirit of this shining young woman. Seeing her confidence and clarity made me realize what I was needing to start to nourish and grow within myself and the resources she offered me opened me up enough to allow me to see possibilities that I was previously blind to. It’s been three years since our first meeting and now I am a business owner myself, overflowing with opportunities, abundance, and a secure sense of purpose. Thank you Sina for appearing when you did, I am forever grateful for your presence, encouragement and support.»

-Alison, Creative Entrepreneur

What tools I use to support you

NLP Neuro-linguistic programming

(NLP) is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes.

Aguahara / Water Therapy

Aguahara is a conscious water massage. It can help move the energy and stored emotions and memories in our body.


Hipnosis is a state of deep relaxation where we get to access your unconscious mind and reprogram new beliefs that help you build a new identity. It can be used to remove addictions or simply to build new strategies that will serve you.

EFT Tapping

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works by tapping on the supposed paths through which “life energy” is believed to flow in the body (meridian points) to release blockages. It's popular to be used anxiety,

Time is now

Imagine you can

finally make your dreams come true

In 3 years from now, you will arrive, the question is where.

You can either arrive at a well-designed destination. 

or at an un-designed destination.

You are the only one responsible for the path you choose and the destination you´ll end up at. 

This is your chance to take your dreams seriously & to not miss this amazing opportunity on earth to experience life in the most magical and juicy way.

a safe life or an extraordinary life, you choose.


Aguahara is an aquatic journey experienced in the water (Ocean or fresh water) 

You don’t need to be a good swimmer or have any kind of experience in the water.


The power of water

About 70% of the human body is made up of water, just like more than 70% of Earth are covered in water.

We start our journey on earth in water.

Water is where we store emotions and memories.  Have you ever felt energized after a fresh shower? Or calmed down after a warm bath?

Aguahara helps us move the water in our body and to activates the flow of energy.

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