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Rottnest Island

Another daytrip to paradise around Perth! 

Just 1 hour away by ferry from Fremantle is one of the most popular island on the westcoast called rottnest island. 

Definitly a MUST DO, when you're in Perth.

There are 2 options to explore the island. You can rent a bicycle for 30$ or buy a bus ticket for 20£ where u can jump on & off wherever you want.

Popular on this island are the happiest animals in the world, called quokkas, who only exist on this island. It’s almost impossible to not see them there. Also possible to see are sea eagles & whales during the season.


Basically, every single beach on this island looks like paradise! Crystal clear water & just a few people to share the beach with. Most of the people recommend to just do a one daytrip. I think it is totally worth it to stay there overnight.

Belongs to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited!

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In Bali we rest some days in canggu. An awesome place. Healthy food, good waves for surfers, & good vibes in the evenings.. After that we went to Ubud, where we visited the rice terraces in tengalang and the monkey forest. Bali is totally different to jawa because of the many tourist. The food and prices are much more international.

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Coron is popular for wreck dives and absolutely worth it! Such a nice experience to dive in & outside those wrecks! If you plan to dive in coron, don’t miss to dive in the barracuda lake. Also a cool experience. The special thing there, is that you don’t have to wear a drysuit, because the temperatures varies from 34 to 45 degrees depending on the deepness.


Definitely join a island hopping tour in coron. My opinion, those island are even more beautiful than in el Nido. Totally worth it! The sea is crystal clear and the coralreefs colorfull & alive.

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Vipassana Experience

Vipassana Meditation retreat


 First of all, I want to inform you about the Vipassana and what it is like.


Vipassana is a sort of "insight meditation,” the methodical practice of "seeing things as they really are" by contemplating the four foundations of mindfulness:


  1. Body (physical sensations)
  2. Feelings (pleasant or unpleasant)
  3. Mind States (emotions)
  4. Mind Objects (thoughts)

The program duration is about 10 Days. There are 7 days total of silence and those were the hardest 7 silent days. During these 7 days, you’re not allowed to talk to anybody or have any eye contact. You can’t use your phone or write in a diary so you just focus on your thoughts and nothing else. But this was not the hardest part. The days started at 4 o’clock in the morning until 9 o’clock in the evening. Breakfast is at 7am, Lunch was at at 11am and that was the last meal. You’re not allowed to eat for the next 20 hours until the next day.  

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Koh Phangan

My next plan was to visit kho thao but because of the bad weather and a lot of waves the ferry was canceled and I spontaneously went to koh phangan. But also there the weather was bad for the first 3 days. But as soon the sunshine raised, we used the chance again and rent a scooter. A scooter cost about 4 $ for 24h. So we visited some nice places and restaurants. 

After some relaxing days, me and my friend I met in krabi, decided to do a Vipassana meditations retreat for 10 days on a temple in Koh Phangan. If you’re interested about my experience look at the Vipassana Experience blog.

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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre - charmant italy

Cinque Terre is a charmant place in italy wich consist of 5 small villages beside the sea. The place is famous for the colourfull houses. A romantic & beautiful place to be. I guess I don't have to mention thatitailian food is deliscious too.

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Mykonos - paradise in white & blue

Mykonos is stunning! Everything is white and blue. You can find wonderfull lagunes in Mykonos. I recomend to rent a car to reach some lost places. Also the city has a big charm, specially in the evening. There are a lot of different bars and restaurants.

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Zanzibar, Volunteering

Zanzibar - Hakuna Matata

My first time traveing alone. For one month I went to the beautiful island zanzibar in africa tansania. For 3 Weeks I thaughed english in 3 several nursayschools and one adultclass. It belongs to the best and instructivest time in my life. These kids showed me how less it need to be happy.  At the end of this blog you will find the video. 

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Bahamas - Lost in paradise

After the roadtrip in florida we made a cruise to 3 Island of the bahamas . The grand bahama island, nassau & the private island great stirrup cay. All the islands have amazing beaches with crystalclear water! A place called Paradise! you can also find some impressions from the bahamas in my video on the floridablog.

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Roadtrip through florida. For 2 weeks we rent a car and traveled trough the westcoast from florida. We started in tampa, st. petersburg and droved down to Miami beach. Below you can find the video to our trip.


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Paris - the city of love

 Paris is just 4 hours away from where I live. So we went to paris for a long weekend to celebrate our relationsship in the city of love.

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After our trip in australia we enjoyed some days to relax in bali & the gili islands. In bali we visited the ubud monkey forest and in gili island we tooked the time to swim, snorkel, dive & relax. Everyday started with an hour masage for 6 dollars & a fresh fruitfull breakfast. There are also some impressions from bali in the video on the australia page

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Australia, Queensland

City-Road & Divingtrips trough queensland

For 6 Weeks I traveled trough Queensland, Australia with my friend. We started in Sydney & flew to brisbane to take our camper for the  Roadtrip from Brisbane to Cairns. In Cairs we pass 1 Week on the ship in the Great Barrier Reef and absolved our Adventure diving lesson. After that our trip in Australia ended with another week in darwin befor we went to Indonesia to relax.. I made a Video with my Gopro Black + Hero, watch out below. :) (switch the quality to HD)


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New York City

New York City

New York- The City, that never sleeps

It's the second time, I visited New York, I suddenly felt in Love with this city!  It's not just a shopping paradise, its a place, where everything is allowed. Nobody looks at you strange, if you wear fancy clothes or eat hotdogs & Donuts at the same time ;) Everything is possible in this city. A New Yorker told me, he don't need to go to holydays..than he has everything there, chinatown, the italian part, a beach.. ect.

My favourit place spuare in NY is SoHo. It's not as touristic as the rest & you can find a lot of surprises.

Also places you have to visit for sure are the Central Park, wich looks like a farytail in winter, the timesquare, were no rules exist & the 5th Avenue, where a woman's heart beats higher..


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Bosnia & Croatia

dobar dan bosnia i hrvatska

I don't count the times I've been in Croatia anymore. I'm going to croatia every year.. its close & easy to reach by car & not that touristy as other europe places. It's really cheap and it has a lot of wonderfull places. In Bosnia I just visited Mostar, wich is also really nice and has an antique charm in the old city. 


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