and make a living from your passion


Mindset & Manifestation Coaching using NLP, Hypnosis, breathwork, and life + business coaching tools to help you reprogram your mind for success and create an action plan you can start today to quit your 9-5 job.



If you put in laser focus, 

make your energetic alignment a priority, 

and show up for yourself and your dreamlife 

like the world depends on it

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Hand in hand, we'll be consciously creating the reality you dream of


I help you to expand your possibilities, and gain clarity on your dreamlife vision, and design a action plan how to make it a reality using my 6 step formula. Along the journey of building a passion and freedom based career, we'll be working on your mindset and reprogramming your soul and body for success.

This is a customized 1:1

6-month MENTORSHIP Journey

where I help you design the life of your dreams and start creating it TODAY so you can quit your 9-5 job!


I'll help you paint a clear picture of your vision and expand your perspective of what's possible for you, keep you accountable to take action towards your dream reality and help you stay focused and overcome mental limitations when things get challenging. You'll fall in love with the process of becoming the powerful & independent woman you are living her freedom-based lifestyle.

Tools I Use to Support You

NLP techniques

to reprogram new belief systems and life strategies


to anker new empowering visions into your subconscious mind

Somatic Breathwork

for emotional release and accessing the subconscious for powerful reprogramming

Mindset Coaching

supports you in thinking bigger and expanding possibilities, holding space for you to mindmap all your goals, keeping you accountable designing an action plan and staying consistent, to being unapologetic about your wins

EFT Tapping

to manage your energy and create higher vibrations in your life

Brand and Strategy Coaching

to build a successful business that helps you reach your ideal audience and achieve financial freedom

Dominique's Transformation

When started working together:
Dominique is Canadian and was working full time in service with an experience in email marketing not feeling fulfilled and with enough free time for things she loved.
Vision and Desire:
Her main goal was to quit her service job by creating a thriving online marketing business so that she could have more quality time with her family and travel to Europe.
What happened:
Within 6 months she started with Freelance job at Upwork and already after 4 months she had signed several contracts and reached her highest financial month of 10k which gave her the motivation and choice to quit her serving job 2 months later she traveled to Europe for a family trip.
What we focused on together:
We were working on constant goal setting and goal adjustments, on business strategies as well as reprograming limiting beliefs and building a powerful mindset and identity to confidently sign high-end clients with NLP practices and spiritual practices
Listen to the Interview with Dominique

Sina is a certified NLP & Breathwork Practitioner, Hypnosist,  Water Therapist, Mindset, and Manifestation coach, and a true embodiment of a woman living the life of her dreams.
She is also the owner of Sisisi Design, a branding and web design company.
In between coaching sessions she spends her time dancing, freediving and spending quality time with her community.
She’s created her dream life by mastering her mindset, exploring the art of manifestation, and trusting her own dreams over what others believed would be more realistic.
Her mission is to inspire women to believe in themselves so that they can create the life of their dreams.


2x in dept 60 minutes video calls per month


24 hours x 6 days message and voxer support!!!

Alexandra's Transformation


When we started working together: Alexandra is swiss but lives in Panama working for a Swiss Company remotely and just finished her studies on Marketing and business.
Vision and Desire:
Her main goal was to do something she loved and create more financial freedom building her own marketing business from scratch.
What happened:
Within 10 month she build her own marketing business, got two ongoing contracts, of which one is a SM management position and the other a UGC Management position for a company. She created rituals and upleveled her mindset about her own worth and capability to create the life of her dreams. She highered an assistant to be more consistent with her work and create accountability and to have more freetime.
What we focused on together:
We were focusing on goal setting and creating an action plan to reach her goal and make her first income online from her own business. Once the vision was set, we started developing her on branding and online appearance from scratch. Visual brand - website-Social media accounts and offerings. Once all was ready to be launched we started reaching out to brands through social media and email strategies of which she landed several collaborations with brands to build a portfolio. We created routines and rituals that helped her to stay more focused and consistent as well as how to work through self sabotaging beliefs that kept holding her back form taking action
Watch the Interview about Alexandra's 10 Month journey



You are stuck on a job you don’t like you wanna start your own business
You know there is more to life then your current reality
You wanna wake up by the ocean, knowing that you’re supported doing what you love
You wanna design your own work schedules
You wanna be able to work from anywhere
You are ready to build a freedom-based lifestyle
You don't know where to get started when it comes to entrepreneurship
If you're not willing to put in the work
If you are looking for overnight success - a get rich quick strategy
If you are already making an income of 5-10k a month and wanna scale your business to the next level

special bonuses

  • Special Price for Manifest ultimate freedom retreat get 200$ off if you join the retreat in Mexico. (based on availability)¬†
  • Immediate Access to Mind Up & Manifest Now Online Program (380$)



PAY IN FULL 6 Month Commitment

1 extra coaching call + Access to Mind Up & Manifest Now



6 Month Payment Plan

2-month minimum contract to build a foundation to see improvements


Sabrina's Transformation

When we started working together:
Sabrina is swiss and was working full time in service when we started working together, she didn’t like her job. She tried several times before to start her own project, but never followed through due to selfdoubts and missing tools.
Vision and Desire:
Sabrina wanted to create her own freedom-based business that she is passionate about. 
What happened:
In the beginning, clarity was missing, we brainstormed from mermaid school - to design work - to photography and more options. After some visualisation work she gained clarity on her biggest passion, the ocean environment and being behind the camera. So we decided to start focusing on videography underwater and aerial.
After only 4 months she already had all offerings ready and launched, got dream projects to work with like coral gardening and dive shops, plus her first clients in Bali and Switzerland.
Her Social Media then blew off after imprementing SM strateigies and with a viral video, her following grew from less than a 1,000 followers to a 100'000+ followers. (100x )
This was when her confidence level raised even more in her potential to find ways to make money with her passion in different ways. She connected with photography shops in her hometown, + expedition photographers invited her on a sharktrip. Her networking, her skillset ,and her confidence shifted in such a short time with her ambition and willingness to show up.
She quit her job officially after 5 months and added an online shop to her website. Now she already has recurring income sources from local companies as well as freelance projects + works on nonprofit projects to have an impact on the environment.
What we focused on together:
Once we had the goal set for the 7-month journey we started establishing her brand for her to start seeing things professionally and in a visual way. We built her brand and website and updated her Social media appearance.
We focused on Social Media strategy to find clients and started building a portfolio, with the incredible footage she already had as well as with collaborations of ideal clients.
We also worked a lot on her self-confidence and the power to achieve everything she puts her mind to and remove the identity ‚Äúof being someone that doesn‚Äôt do things right‚ÄĚ with NLP techniques, Hypnosis and personalized visualisations and EFT tapping.
As well as her work - life balance with new routines and schedules that helped her taking time for herself and her self development.
Watch the Interview about Sabrina's 7 Month Journey

this is for the woman


who's done playing small, waking up without a sense of euphoria and deep gratitude for her life

who's ready to take her dreams serious and show up for her self and her goals

who doesn't waits any longer to feel ready but simply decides to make it happen NOW!

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